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Auroville, Bommayapalayam, Tamil Nadu, India

Lara Kipling


The small but exotic town of Auroville is located at a distance of 6 km north of Pondicherry. Now why this place is interesting is because of the different concept of living adapted by the people of this town. They build community-based housings and the whole township is planned around the Matimandir which is located in the center of the Auroville. In 1968 the land was a barren and out of use, but now it has become a developed and productive land, entirely through the efforts of Aurovilians. Out of 20 sq. km of the designated area of the township, about 12% is presently developed for urban uses and the rest is under agriculture, plantation and other non-urban uses. The town offers a great deal for tourists to do, see and experience. You can rent a rickshaw or a taxi from Pondicherry to get to Auroville. The places to visit in Auroville are : Matrimandir – temple has a gold plated exterior while the interior is done in stark white with a huge crystal placed in the center. Visitor’s Center – Here, you can attend exhibitions and indulge yourself in shopping. The center also offers video viewing facilities and a cafeteria for to spend time at your convenience. Auroville Beach – the finest beach in Pondicherry.