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Marrakech 40000, Marocco

Rania Nadal


one of the most precious jewels of Moroccan heritage. Founded in 1062, its name comes from the Berber word "Love" which means "country" and "Akouche" which means "God." This land of the gods are approximately 900 500 inhabitants in an area of 6.2km2. Fourth largest city in Morocco after Casablanca, Rabat and Fez, is the first in terms of tourism with over 1 500 000 visitors annually.\n\nMarrakech enjoys an exceptional location. At the foot of the Atlas, it is 2 hours away from the Atlantic Ocean and is considered the gateway to the desert. Beyond its 130 000 hectares of greenery and 180 000 of its palm grove, you can admire the mountains, snowy winter, the High Atlas which stretches for about 700km. \n The city of Marrakech is composed of a multitude of area each with their characteristics and charm: historical, popular, residential, commercial, industrial ... Some are a must when you visit the city.\nGueliz\n\nThe district Guéliz, named after the massive Jebel Guéliz located near the old medina, was the first neighborhood outside the walls. With its center in the Avenue Mohammed V, is the ideal place for shopping, watching the passers from one of the many cafes or simply stroll. The neighborhood has in fact a multitude of shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and other businesses.\nHivernage\n\nThe area of Hivernage is an exclusive area, home to many villas and high class resorts such as Sofitel, Sheraton, Golden Tulip Farah. The heart of this neighborhood is the Avenue Mohammed VI inaugurated in 2004, which offers 5 km from gardens and flower areas. This wide avenue and green houses the imposing Royal Theater, the Palace of Congress and the new and majestic great station.\nThe Medina\n\nThe Medina of Marrakesh, classified as world heritage of mankind, is the historic center of town. Its architecture dates from the seventeenth century. The Kasbah was built in XII century to defend the city. Walls of 8m high still surround the medina for a distance of 19Km. The medina is both a residential and commercial, with its many artisans who take shop. The narrow streets and labyrinth promise charm and scenery are excellent places to find some coolness on hot summer days.