Paleolab Geo-palaeontological Park... - Secret World

82030 Pietraroja BN, Italia

Lara Kipling


The Paleolab of Pietraroja, located at the eastern edges of Matese mount, hides an emotive experience: a magic lift able to transport back in time in a past 100 millions of years old, when Matese was a tropical lagoon populated by fish and reptiles with surprising physical characteristics. Among them also a very small dinosaur: the Scypionix Samniticus, “Ciro” for friends. It is the first complete specimen of dinosaur founded in Italy. The finding only just few centimetres long, is an unprecedented case among dinosaur fossils, because it has muscles parts on the shoulder and at the basis of its tail, that are visible still today. It has even parts of intestine and liver. Paleolab has been designed by Mizar of Paco Lanciano. This didactic build offers a tour characterized by several attractiveness. The Paleolab is firstly for school but also for families and eco-tourist, that allows trough the use of advanced technology, to get a total and summary vision of complicated and fascinating evolutive journey populated by fossils – silent witness, colored and dynamic series of panels, 3D recostructions movies, plastic.