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Vieste rises in the Gargano area, the "Spur of Italy", a real biological island surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the Tavoliere plain of Apulia, which is characterized by a very high internal biodiversity. Here, in fact, it is possible to find about 600 caves, 2,000 vegetable species, 18 genera with 65 species of orchids and 170 different species of nesting birds. This very special condition of the environment has led to the establishment of the Gargano National Park, which covers an area of over 100 thousand hectares and includes within it 18 municipal territories. Among the municipalities belonging to the Park there is also Vieste which, in its area of competence, is characterized by the presence of the largest number of cavities, especially marine. The verdant coast of Gargano, one of the most beautiful in the world, offers to the most attentive and curious eye natural arches, such as San Felice, and beautiful natural cathedrals, the sea caves. The coast is interspersed with white cliffs that offer unexpected cultural scenarios: the Trabucchi and the Coastal Towers, witnesses of a past in which the sea represented, even more than today, a source of opportunity and danger. The trabucchi, ancient wooden fishing tools, are widespread especially along the stretch of coast from Vieste to Peschici. The watchtowers, built all along the coast in the sixteenth century, represented a fundamental means of defense from the frequent attacks of Saracen pirates. Nature lovers will be happy to enjoy the rural landscape, with ancient olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, and it will not be difficult to come across animals in a semi-wild state that graze a few meters from the sea. For lovers of green is really unmissable excursion in the Umbrian forest, 10,000 hectares of unspoiled flora and fauna that lend themselves to trekking and mountain biking. Besides the natural beauties, also the historical center, rich of culture and history, deserves interest. Among the intricate and characteristic streets we find the cathedral, with its beautiful bell tower that stands guard over the city. In this area there is also the Frederick castle, from which you can admire the Pizzomunno, limestone monolith, symbol of the city of Vieste.

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