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The name Colosseum derives from the enormous bronze statue of Nero that was erected nearby. which was erected nearby and which, given its size, was known as the Colossus of Nero. The construction of the amphitheater was initiated by Vespasian but completed by Titus in 80 AD and opened to the public with a solemn with a solemn inauguration lasted one hundred days of which re- descriptions in the ancient chronicles. The Colosseum was built with the specific purpose of giving to Rome a place worthy of fame. Rome a place worthy of the fame of its games gladia- torii that were previously held in Rome. games that were previously held in the wooden provincial building wooden provost building built by Nero in the Campus Martius after the old amphitheater of Titus Stanlius Taurus was destroyed in the famous fire of 64. destroyed in the famous fire of 64 AD. Previously, the games were held either in the Roman Forum or in the Foro Boario. Foro Boario that were equipped for these occasions with mobile structures. mobile structures. Throughout the Empire the Colosseum had repeatedly inter- restoration due to fires. restoration works due to fires and earthquakes. to remember interventions by Antoninus Pius, Helioga and Alexander Severus. balo and Alexander Severus, the latter restoration due to a disastrous fire in due to a disastrous fire in 217 AD, and other restorations, commemorated by epigraphs, after the earthquake of 443 AD. After 523 A.D. there is no other news of performances; the Colosseum iniziò its phase of degradation of ruin that trasfor- mò the amphitheater in a quarry of materials for construction.

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