The Rose Valley and The Apennine wolf... - Secret World

Via Santa Lucia, 17, 67030 Civitella Alfedena AQ, Italia

by Kim Polo


The Apennine wolf, a ravenous predator, has been demonized and brought to the edge of extinction, but thanks to a timely repopulation policy this danger has now passed. If you want to observe this animal relatively close up, at Civitella Alfedena there is a great area which houses the Wolf Museum, dedicated to a predator which fascinates us all. From here you can find a simple visitor track and reach a point which not only gives you a great view of Lake Barrea, it more importantly enables you to observe some of these wolves in semi-freedom in an enclosed area of four hectares. One of the most exciting excursions available in the park is Wolf Howling, a special call to the forest. Long ago, this was the technique used by Abruzzo wolf hunters to locate wolf packs, and today it is back in fashion, with the use of an amplified digital recording and a powerful speaker to reproduce the sound of a howling wolf in these areas where the wolf can live without the danger of being hunted. When the animal, though far away, responds to the call, it really is a thrilling sensation.