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7018 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, Stati Uniti

Lara Kipling


The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is a must see at night. The time of day when the world's most famous sidewalk is interesting is at sunset. The Walk of Fame celebrates the best talents with over 2000 stars incorporated on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. The Walk of Fame, is divided into two sidewalks that go from Hollywood Boulevard to Vine Street, for almost two kilometers, in continuous expansion, in fact there are many new areas that are using in order to accommodate the new stars. Despite walking upside down, the Walk of Fame also deserves another kind of attention. There are many shops and picturesque places that accompany the stars along the avenue, with typical restaurants and atypical characters trying to help tourists. It is estimated that ten million visitors a year go for a walk on the Walk of Fame to photograph the star with the name of their favorite celebrity imprinted on it. There are not only stars that pay homage to celebrities, but also a place dedicated to their footprints: it's called TCL Chinese Theatre, one of Hollywood's historic cinemas, where you can find more than two hundred blocks of concrete with the hands, feet and signature of celebrities of all time.