Sanctuary of Vicoforte... - Secret World

Piazza Carlo Emanuele Ⅰ, 12080 Vicoforte CN, Italia

Frida Hayez


What is most striking about the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, one of the main masterpieces of Piedmontese Baroque, is certainly its beautiful dome with an elliptical horizontal section which is the largest in the world. The dome, covered with a multi-sloping tile roof and crowned by a small dome (or lantern), was finished by Gallo in 1732. Its interior, richly decorated in Baroque style, houses a fresco of 6,000 square meters, the largest single-themed work in the world: the Virgin, her earthly life, the expectation of redemption and the assumption into heaven. In the center triumphs the glorious figure of the Virgin among the joy of the glorious angels and musicians, while from the heavenly light of the dome stretches the Trinity that welcomes the soul and body of the Mother of God. The great fresco was completed in 1752 by Mattia Bortoloni of Rovigo and Felicino Biella of Milan.