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Campo dei Frari, 3063, 30125 Venezia VE, Italia

Maya Kim


In 1528, the School entrusted the decoration of the dome to Giovanni Antonio da Pordenone, who finished the frescoes in a few months: the Transfiguration over the high altar; God the Father in glory in the dome; the four evangelists in the pendentives; eight Old Testament episodes on the drum; the four Doctors of the Church on the lunettes. Unfortunately, few fragments remain of this cycle of frescoes. The presbytery was also repainted between 1764 and 1767 by Giuseppe Angeli, who tried to respect the iconography of the previous fresco but translated it as was inevitable in the typical language of the eighteenth century. Consequently, the Transfiguration, the Eternal Father in glory, the Evangelists and the doctors of the Church that we see today are works executed in the eighteenth century.