Montefiore Conca... - Secret World

47834 Montefiore Conca RN, Italia

Laura Baglioni


Immersed in the province of Rimini, among hills and woods, there is a fortress that will catch your eye. It is that of Montefiore Conca, with its perfect and romantic architecture. This village, so full of charm, is linked to a sad love story, that between Costanza Malatesta and a young archer with whom she fell in love. A forbidden love that led to the murder of the two boys. According to many legends you can still see their spirits wandering around the fortress. The rarity of the natural environment surrounding Montefiore is the coexistence of olive and chestnut trees in an area so close to the sea. In the Ventena valley there are porcupines, roe deer and wild boars, while in the protected area of Onferno's Caves it is possible to visit some interesting cavities from a speleological and naturalistic point of view.