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Diane Hoffman
by Diane Hoffman


Stretching for nearly 115 miles across the is easily the best long-distance hike in the entire Caribbean. The route is sectioned off into 14 different segments, each of which has a distinct starting and ending point. This allows hikers to walk any of the individual parts or take on the the entire trail if they are adventurous enough to walk its considerable length end-to-end.The Segment 1 of Trail is 6.6 km and begins at Scotts Head Village.The trail passes through a wide variety of environments and terrains along the way, including rural farmland, rainforests, and mountainous regions. Highlights include breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs, caves, and other natural wonders, with the route meandering in and out of local villages from time to time as well. Those small towns make excellent spots for resupply, picking up extra food and fresh water for the trek.