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Via Paolina Schicchi Fagotti, 9, 06038 Spello PG, Italia

Klarissa Richardson


The Villa of Mosaics in Spello was discovered in July 2005, just outside the Spello’s walls, in the area of St. Anna, during the works for the construction of a public car park. Remains of an ancient mosaic were found in this territory and gave way to the excavations and later to the accurate restoration. All operations were carried out with the scientific direction of the then Archaeological Heritage Office of Umbria and brought to light a villa of large dimensions. The twenty rooms brought back to light refer to the central sector of the villa, covering a total surface of about 500 square metres. Ten of these rooms preserve very beautiful floors with polychrome mosaics, featuring geometrical and figurative motifs. The entrance has been lost. Around the peristyle, namely the arcaded courtyard surrounding the internal garden, there are several rooms, whose names derive from the figures and the decorative motifs of the mosaics: the Hall of Birds, the Hall of Amphoras, the Triclinium, the Hall of Radiant Sun, the Hall of Geometrical Mosaics, the Peristyle, the Hall of Shields and the Heated Room. Among the rooms, worthy of note are the wide triclinium and the Hall of Banquets whose floor has at its centre a scene of wine’s pouring. Other characters, who are disposed symmetrically, represent the Seasons, associated with figures of Satyrs of the Dionysian procession (Bacchus) meaning an allusion to well-being, a good harvest and pleasure.