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Lake Turkana, Kenya

Lara Kipling


Lake Turkana is one those lakes of the world which carry various honors and records. The world-famous appreciations on the record of Lake Turkana depict that it is not only the world’s largest alkaline lake, but the world’s largest enduring desert lake as well. With respect to volume, it ranks fourth-largest salt lake of the world.the reason behind fame of this lake is its wild character that it maintains thanks to suitable temperature and geographic aloofness. Lake Turkana National Parks have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are three famous National Parks lie in the territory of Lake Turkana; the first one is Sibiloi National Park while the other two are Central Island National Park and South Island National Park.In the Lake Turkana, there is the Nabuyatom Crater that is undoubtedly, a geological wonder of that lake. In real sense, it is a caldera or the remains of a warped volcano. The Nabuyatom Crater was discovered by the Photographer Martin Harvey during an aerial view of Lake Turkana.