• 67032 Pescasseroli AQ, Italia
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The historical center, severely damaged by the earthquake of 1915, retains some elegant palaces of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is enriched by the presence of the ancient church of Saints Peter and Paul (already existing in the early decades of the twelfth century) and the more recent church of the Carmine (XVIII sec.). On a rocky spur that dominates the most ancient nucleus of the small center there are the ruins of Castel Mancino (X-XII sec.). Textiles, embroidery, lace, leatherwork, iron and woodwork still reflect in today's handicraft production trends and characteristics of the activities that in the past prospered in the long snowy winters and warm summers. The locality, base of departure of numerous and suggestive naturalistic excursions in one of the most beautiful zones of Italy, has an equipped Center Visit of the National Park of Abruzzo that includes diversified sectors (naturalistic, faunistic, archaeological, etc.), but all of enormous interest. In the woods and on the mountains surrounding Pescasseroli dwell all the main representatives of the great fauna of the three National Parks of the region: the Abruzzo Chamois (the most beautiful species in the world), the Marsican Brown Bear, the Apennine Wolf, the Royal Eagle, the Lynx, the Deer, the Fallow Deer, and other more common species such as the Wild Boar, the Fox, etc.. In winter Pescasseroli turns into an important and well-equipped ski resort, which guarantees the possibility to ski also through a programmed snowfall of all the numerous slopes.

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