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Moena and the lights of the Val di Fassa

  • 38035 Moena TN, Italia
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It is the largest town in the Val di Fassa, known both in Italy and abroad as the "Fairy of the Dolomites", which completely frames its charm and ancient charm that are linked to tales lost in the mists of time. In recent years Moena has also become an Alpine Pearl, and is the only tourist resort in Trentino to be part of this renowned association. The village, very well cared for from an architectural point of view, is distinguished by its captivating elegance that goes hand in hand with refined stores, where the opportunity to satisfy the most demanding desires for high class shopping becomes a reality. In summer, the town offers its guests the possibility of many walks and numerous trails of varying difficulty to be covered by mountain bike. In winter, Moena turns into a fairy tale town, where the snow, the lights and the magical atmosphere that is created along the streets and main squares make the town, if possible, even more beautiful and pleasant. The Ski Area Lusia/Passo San Pellegrino, which includes the ski lifts of Moena-Lusia, San Pellegrino and Falcade, offers our guests breathtaking descents always perfectly covered with snow, connected by a functional network of modern and efficient ski lifts. For lovers of cross-country skiing, the cross-country center Alochet è è a real paradise, which boasts 15 km of trails for all categories, surrounded by white forests and the beautiful mountains of the Passo San Pellegrino. The event not to be missed for the true daredevils of this sport is the Marcialonga, which today, as in the past, thrills fans and competitors from all over the world, who challenge each other on a 70 km track starting from Moena and ending in Cavalese, crossing the entire Val di Fiemme and Fassa.

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