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Radboud Castle

  • Oudevaartsgat 8, 1671 HM Medemblik, Paesi Bassi
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At the end of the 13th century, Count Floris V of Holland (1256-1296) ordered the construction of a series of castles to control the Westfrisian population. Radboud Castle is the only one remaining of those castles. Of this coercion castle only 2 residential wings, 2 square and one round tower are still standing. From old pictures and archeological research it is known that Radboud Castle must have been a strong castle. It shows similarity to other square castles like Muiden Castle (also built by Floris), Ammersoyen Castle and Helmond Castle. The name Radboud has been derived from the popular assumption that the castle was built on the place where in the 8th century a castle from the Frisian king Radboud had been standing. In the 14th and 15th century the counts of Holland installed guardians at the castle. Radboud Castle has never been connected to nobility but has been primarily used as a prison. The people of Medemblik used it as a refuge. When, between 1573 and 1578, the town of Medemblik built city walls the castle lost its function and gradually fell into decay. From 1661 till 1734 the great hall at the southwestern side was used as a Reformed church and the square tower at the west side was rebuilt as a bell tower. From 1848 the great demolition started; first in 1850 when the gatehouse and three towers were torn down and in 1870 when another 2 towers were torn down. In 1889 the remains of the castle were transferred to the State. A thorough restoration followed, in which the round south tower was reconstructed, that saved the damaged castle. From 1897 till 1934 the castle was used as a courthouse. In 1936 the moat was cleared which showed the original ground plan more clearly. In the sixties another major restoration was carried out in which some fantasized additions from the earlier restoration were removed. reference:

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