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Kedziora: "In Bilico", a tight ...

  • Aigle, Svizzera
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Jerzy Kedziora studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and continued his studies in Poznań, experiencing the political and cultural climate of Poland in the 1990s. The artist, also known as Jotka, was inspired by the history of the country, the transition from a situation of uncertainty to the creation of a balance. So he decided to convey this sense of instability to his audience through his art, his works. They are sculptures that represent human figures, nothing new so far, but they have a peculiarity that makes them unique and inimitable. His characters are suspended in mid-air, like tightrope walkers, in the middle of streets, parks, shopping malls. Any public space can become the stage for Jerzy Kedziora. "The Acrobat with the Chair," "The Walk Along the Bank," and "The Little Gondolier" are just a few of the titles of works from Polish sculptor Jerzy Kedziora's "The Balancing Sculptures" (The Grotesque of Transformation) series. The balance of his sculptures is precarious, looking at them you just wait for the moment when they break on the ground, but it never happens. Perennially poised between falling and flying. In short, they defy gravity and do so with harmonious beauty.

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