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The magic of Victoria Falls

  • Mosi-o-tunya Road, Livingstone, Zambia
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Impossible that it can be considered a secret corner of the world. It is one of the most celebrated and famous places on the planet. An unmistakable waterfall, 108 meters high with a front of 1700 meters (twice as high as Niagara Falls). And yet, yes, it is. Because if it's true that the falls discovered November 16, 1855 by Livingstone during one of the most famous exploratory adventures of all time have been on every traveler's list since that day, it's also true that there are many - especially today - ways to visit them. And SCOW's task is precisely that of proposing not only the most interesting corner of the world, but also the angle (italics), the point of view that best renders the encounter with a particular location. In the case of Victoria Falls, some somewhat snobby aficionado might suggest "seeing" them from far, far away. That is, observing the cloud of steam created by the great waterfalls (their indigenous name is Smoke that Thunders) that can dump its water tens of kilometers away, in the middle of the arid Savannah. It is also very nice to fly over the falls in a small plane. But there is only one view that takes your breath away. Just approach the Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side, and preferably from the garden of the glorious Victoria Falls Hotel. From here there is a path (keep left) that leads through a grove to the edge of the Gorge, the deep gorge that creates the falls. The grove is dark, you can't see the Zambezi plunging into the void, but you can hear the roar. It's like a natural curtain, slowly revealing the great beauty. Because when you get to the precipice (there are no barriers, signs and other modernities) and finally see the largest mass of falling water on the planet, and you are enveloped in steam and dozens of rainbows, your breath, in that moment... stops. Livingstone, that distant November 16, must have had the same reaction. (taken from the SCOW website)

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