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Archaeological site of Carsulae

  • Pl. Voltaire, 19200 Ussel, Francia


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Siti Storici
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The city of Carsulae was probably born around the end of the III century BC, with the conclusion of the romanization process of Umbria, followed by the construction of the western via Flaminia 220 BC. The Republican period is still the less known, as the city received an impressive monumentalization in the Augustan age, which gave it the role that we can still appreciate today and which overlap the oldest phase. The city had a very flourishing period for most of the imperial era, as inform us the Epigraphic Heritage available, until the beginning of the IV century AD. From that moment begins a slow decline that will culminate with the abandonment of the center, in the early V century AD, as now well proved by the latest excavations. The reason lies in the absence of a wall circuit and in the poor defensibility of the site at a time when Rome could no longer guarantee the security of any kind. At the moment only a small part has been excavated, most of it by Umberto Ciotti, between 1951 and 1972. To Umberto Ciotti is named the Visit and Documentation Center, which houses the ticket office and a selection of finds found during the excavation campaigns made by him.

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