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Village of Tripozzo

  • 05031 Arrone TR, Italia


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The path that climbs along the slopes of Mount Tripozzo, in the heart of the Valnerina Ternana, offers a full immersion among the most beautiful olive groves of this area. Here the cultivation of the olive tree in addition to giving a distinctive feature to the landscape is above all history as it has a millenary tradition, as well as the production of oil, which has its roots in Roman times. Evidence of this are the remains of an oil mill dating back to the early 1st century AD. brought to light by recent excavations. They are located near the Fonte San Lorenzo, a stop on the route at 485 m from which views of the surrounding landscape can be enjoy. Of this mill, an important archaeological find as it is one of the oldest found in Umbria and which was probably used until the late imperial age, you can see part of the wall structures and where the olives were pressed. Resuming the path from “la Fonte”, you reach the village of Tripozzo "nestled" at almost 600 m, which offers a splendid view of the Valnerina. This small village, whose toponym refers to the three public wells that supplied water to the area, does not present any element of a defensive system, probably because, unlike, other high ground “borghi” located in the same territory, it has never been fortified. The town, partially recovered and renovated, has a small church dedicated to San Lorenzo, where a Roman inscription was found. Just outside the inhabited centre you will find one of the medieval wells.

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