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The municipality of Götzens, consisting of the hamlets of Götzens, Neu-Götzens, Einödhöfe and Götznerberg, is situated on a terrace of the plateau and shows in its center its rural character. Most of the old farms are protected as monuments. The municipal coat of arms depicts a silver squirrel with a golden pine cone on a blue background. It is an ancient coat of arms of a noble family from the Middle Ages. The village was mentioned as "Gecens" for the first time in 1128. Around 1232, the Vellenberg Manor, an important fortification that was destroyed in the 17th century by an earthquake, stood on the municipal territory. Today, only ruins remain. Many other historic buildings are also worth a visit, such as the St. Theresa Chapel in the heart of the village or the St. Peter and Paul Parish Church with its valuable paintings and stucco decorations. The latter is particularly praised for its good acoustics and is therefore often used as a concert venue. For those who prefer to be active, the natural landscape around Götzens is a popular destination during the summer months. Wonderful hiking and biking trails take you to the heart of the Tyrolean mountain world. Particularly popular destinations are the alpine pastures above Mutters and in the Wipptal valley. And in the evenings there are frequent street concerts or Tyrolean evenings, which allow you to experience the culture of the region at first hand! Winter is influenced by the proximity of the Axamer Lizum ski area. This ski area was the venue for the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. But also the village itself awaits you with the small, but nice ski area Muttereralm with 16 km of slopes, reachable with the 8-seater cable car Nockspitzbahn. From the valley station, where you will also find a ski school, ski rental, magic carpet and restaurants, you can go directly to the 1,800 m high Pfriemesköpfl mountain. Ice skating, curling, horse-drawn carriage rides, a toboggan run from the Götzner Alm, and the popular lantern hikes round out the winter offerings in the village. And after a day in the snow, there's nothing better than a visit to the Götzens spa... Our tip: venture into the center of the village with all its farmhouses! Most of these lovingly decorated houses can be found along Kirchstrasse, Mittelgasse and Ostergasse.

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