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Gandikota Gorges

  • Jammalamadugu, Andhra Pradesh 516434, India


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India has always been a popular tourist destination for its historic forts, stunning palaces and dense jungles. Now, a lesser known gorge in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh is drawing visitors. The gorge is a stunning maze of jagged rocks layered in shades of red. The Penna river meanders through the canyon floor as it cuts through the Erramala hills. Gandikota is a small village in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh and the area is now known as the Grand Canyon of India because of its resemblance to the famous US landmark.Similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, this gorge is a stunning assemblage of rocks, cut and layered in the most amazing way. One should ideally visit Gandikota, hidden Grand Canyon Of India between September to February as the weather is comfortable and pleasant. The summer months are hot and humid with the temperature sometimes soaring up to a good 40-45 degree celsius, and thus is not a good time to witness the Grand Canyon India gorge. Watch the Pennar river peacefully flow through this brilliant stone gorge that’s an artwork in itself, and you’ll realise why it is called the Grand Canyon of India. Just like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, this massive gorge is a stunning assemblage of rocks, cut and layered in the most peculiar way as if they were arranged by hand! Climbing up those treacherous rocks can be a task in itself, but the amazing views you’ll get once you’re up there is totally worth it. Sit on top of the rocks and merely watch groups of pelicans fly over the velvety green river every now and then while the sun sets in the backdrop, and your trip to Gandikota grand canyon will be nothing short of heavenly!

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