Tiran Island

  • Isola di Tiran 49732, Arabia Saudita
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Anyone who wants to make a nice boat trip or is fond of snorkeling and scuba diving, can not help but go to the island of Tiran. Tiran Island is located between Sharm El Sheikh and Saudi Arabia, in the point of the Gulf of Aqaba where the distance between the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula is reduced to a few kilometers. Tiran Island is visible from all points on the coast of Sharm El Sheikh and is one of the most pristine areas of the Red Sea. The island is completely devoid of any form of civilization and the surrounding seabed is characterized by the presence of four beautiful coral reefs: the Jackson reef, the Woodhouse reef, another reef called Thomas and finally the one known as Gordon. The richness and variety of the seabed make it an ideal destination, both for diving enthusiasts and for those who simply enjoy snorkeling. The island is situated at the entrance to the Strait of Tiran which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. It is part of the national park and protected area of Ras Muhammad, covering an area of about 80 square kilometers. The Strait of Tiran represents the only access from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Red Sea for Israel. Its particular, strategic location has made it the subject of controversy in the past, but also in recent years. In fact, in 2016, following an agreement with Saudi Arabia, the island previously administratively Egyptian, but located in Saudi territorial waters, was declared Saudi territory.

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