Curonian Spit National Park

  • Penisola di Neringa, Oblast' di Kaliningrad, Russia, 238535
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The tourist areas of Neringa that includes the colonies of Alksnynė, Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Preila and Nida are located on the Curonian Spit, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The strip of sand that separates the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon is a unique place that offers the magnificence of its dunes and the spirit of the Curonian heritage. More than half of the Curonian Peninsula lies within the territory of Kaliningrad Province, and the park was established to enhance and protect its delicate ecosystem. The pristine beaches, dotted with large mobile dunes are the main attraction of the park. The fauna is also remarkable, consisting of 46 different species of mammals, including foxes, badgers, beavers and red squirrels, as well as moose and wild boar, of course. The flora of the park includes almost 900 different species of plants and flowers. It is the site of the main migratory routes of birds and in the spring months the park is filled with their calls and songs. The park can be reached from Kaliningrad in a couple of hours. Buses leave 4 times a day and stop in the city of Zelenogradsk, an exclusive resort, where many members of the Russian oligarchy own villas and residences.

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