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  • İstikamet, Atatürk Cd., 68000 Sultanhanı/Aksaray Merkez/Aksaray, Turchia
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Located on Konya and Aksaray Road, famous Sultan Hani Caravanserai (Kervansaray in Turkish) is the biggest masterpieces in Seljuk Period. This glorious structure was built by grand architect Muhammad bin Havlan el-Dimiski by the order of Anatolia Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Keykubat I between 1228 and 1229. It is surely one of the largest caravanserais in the worldwide and it was made in Seljuk Time in order to be used as an accommodation for the people, especially merchants and as a defence for trade ways which was the first insurance system those times. Moreover, within those times it was renovated many times but it perfectly succeeds to arrive at in our day. Today it provides the visitors to entry ancient world with its fantastic and oriental architectural style like the movie of ‘’Mummy‘s’’ mystic world. t’s enchanting, marvellous and splendid architectural tissue grabs the visitors. This rectangular planned structure covers the field of 4.800 m2 hence; it looks like a castle. This great building consists of two separate blocks; one block includes a marble door furnished with fascinating geometrical figures, a huge courtyard surrounded by an arcade of rooms, a mosque symbolising the Seljuk art style and the special rooms for the passengers. The other block contains stables, storages, treasury, repair shops, bakery, two amazing Turkish Bathes and food storehouse. This section is narrower than the other and covered by vaults. Except for those features, this incredible construction bewitches the people its illuminating system by the way of windows which creates a mystic and refreshing atmosphere.

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