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  • 91014 Scopello TP, Italia
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A baglio seventeenth-century (from 'Arabic bahal: courtyard). surrounded by a few houses leaning against each other, a paved square, a stone abbaveratoio. High, stands the tower Bennistra (XVI sec.) overlooking the green valley. Higher up, towards the vertigo of Mount Sparagio (1200 meters), the forest of Scopello, once home to deer, wolves and wild boars, recalls the hunting trips of Ferdinand III of Bourbon, who elected it to the rank of royal reserve. The sea of Scopello is a dream: the stacks emerge imposing from the clear water, just in front of the ancient tuna fishery, characterizing the whole landscape. The tonnara that occupies part of the beach, was built in the thirteenth century, restructured during the eighteenth century and dismantled only in 1981. The coast of Scopello hides suggestive inlets, suitable for those who can not do without diving with mask and snorkel. Not to lose the Bay of Guidaloca, more to south, beach of small dimensions but however pleasant and suggestive, set between a verdant rocky arm and a great ridge. It will be possible to rent beach umbrellas and deckchairs. Nearby there are many diving spots, some a little more frequented others definitely more secret: Cala Bianca, Cala Rossa and Punta Pispisa are chosen by the most daring and reached only by boat, given the difficulty of the descent to the sea. Cala Mazzo instead, hides a small beach of white sand in front of a beautiful turquoise sea. To get there, it will be necessary to take a small unpaved road. On the southern side, Scopello is the ideal starting point for excursions and trekking in the Natural Reserve of Zingaro, to discover unspoiled landscapes. In the evening, Scopello becomes a place of strolling and fine dining, where it will not be difficult to find among the narrow streets of the country restaurants or taverns to enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine: in addition to fresh fish and couscous, there are several dishes prepared with genuine products of the Trapani hinterland. Together with San Vito lo Capo, Scopello represents the most loved place by Italian and foreign tourists of the Trapanese coast.

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