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  • 80071 Anacapri NA, Italia
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Anacapri is one of the two municipalities (the largest) in which the island of Capri is divided administratively. It rises on the northern side of Mount Solaro (which, with 586 m, is the highest peak of the island) and a chairlift connects the town with the summit of the mountain, where the view sweeps over a vast panorama, from the Gulf of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno. Anacapri has 5 neighborhoods: La porta, la catena, la torre, le pietre e le boffe, Caprile. The best way to understand Anacapri is to walk around its neighborhoods. In addition to the natural beauty, the Church of San Michele and Villa San Michele are also worth a visit. The church of San Michele, for example, has a floor made up of 2,500 riggiole (typical 18th century Neapolitan ceramics, thick and a little less shiny than majolica) depicting paradise on earth. Its beauty is impressive. Villa San Michele instead, which a few years ago was designated the title of "most beautiful park in Italy" was wanted by Axel Munthe, a wealthy and extraordinary Swedish doctor of 800. The villa and its park dominate the hill where you can enjoy a unique spectacle in the world. The history of the villa and how it was built by this extraordinary character make it a fantastic place.

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