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  • 28876 Macugnaga VB, Italia
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The architecture of many huts in Macugnaga, made of interlocked larch trunks, tells the story of the Walser, bearers of a culture and a language (the Titsch) unique and unfortunately at risk of extinction. In the village the Walser lived as a community and in each house there was a stable, a kitchen with a chimney, the bedrooms, the barn and the spicher, that is the room for the conservation of food. The Baite are made with stone foundations, structures and interiors entirely of larch wood, the characteristic balconies and the stone roof with two pitches covered with slabs of beola, also called "piode", or more rarely with larch shingles. As heating a soapstone stove, called "ofe", usually bearing the date of construction of the house, the oldest of which date back to the sixteenth century. A splendid example of this architecture is the Museum "Alts Walserhuus van zer Burfuggu" located in the hamlet of Borca. Do not miss the Old Church, dating back to the twelfth century, with the adjoining cemetery dedicated to mountaineers. Some travelers also suggest an activity: reading in the shade of the ancient linden tree - with a circumference of 7 meters! -, which legend says was brought by a woman at the time of the foundation of the community of Macugnaga.

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