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  • Via Caronda, 352, 95128 Catania CT, Italia
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An original and alternative way to visit the Etna volcano is, without a doubt, a ride on the historic Circumetnea railway. This railway was inaugurated in 1898 and, along a route of about 110 km, it travels around Etna crossing many villages at the foot of the volcano and giving travelers beautiful views of the lava landscape. The route of the Circumetnea railway goes from the station of Catania Borgo up to Riposto and is traveled in both directions through Etnean towns such as Paternò, Adrano, Bronte and Randazzo. The Circumetnea is not a purely tourist train, but designed for commuters, although occasionally are also organized purely tourist runs with vintage wagons. This does not mean that a trip on the Circumetnea can not be a suggestive experience to discover glimpses of the volcano but also lesser known landscapes of eastern Sicily. The complete route between Catania and Riposto lasts over 3 hours. The strong point of the route are the desolate and suggestive moors, characterized by dark lava stone that are crossed, especially in the stretch between Adrano and Randazzo. You can also do the route in stages, taking the opportunity to visit some of the Etna villages. Among these, Randazzo stands out with its beautiful lava stone architecture. If you love hiking and trekking, you can then use the Circumetnea to reach the starting point for your excursions in nature at the foot of Etna.

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