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Perugina Historical Museum

  • Viale S. Sisto, 207C, 06100 Perugia, Italia
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The Perugina Historical Museum is an integral part of the visit to the Perugina Chocolate House: it was founded in 1997 to share with the general public part of the vast Buitoni Perugina Historical Archive, still under the protection of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. The Perugina Historical Museum is visited every year by more than 60,000 visitors and is the second business museum in Italy. It is the only one to offer a complete visiting experience of a history of passion for chocolate and creativity, all Italian, for more than 100 years. Visitors, coming from all over the world, discover the various sections of the museum gallery through a Guided Tour, also in English, which leads from the origins of cocoa to chocolate, from its processing to the history of the company, to then discover the secrets of the most famous products such as the legendary Baci Perugina and many others, but not only: curiosities, anecdotes and historical films enrich the tour that in an exciting way reveals a century of Italian entrepreneurial history. An exciting journey that culminates in the Rich Tasting where you can taste the irresistible Perugina delicacies. To continue with a tour of the Factory (subject to the production schedule). The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, and reservations are strongly recommended.

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