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  • 12052 Neive CN, Italia
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Neive is a splendid village located in the Western Langhe between Barbaresco and Castiglione delle Lanze, a little more than 10 km from Alba in the direction of Asti. The oldest part of the village, with a medieval structure, was built on a hillock, while the most recent part - also known as Neive Borgonuovo - extends on the plain below, crossed by the Tinella stream. This division has allowed the medieval village to remain practically intact and, although it has been altered throughout the centuries, it has not been touched by contemporary urbanization. Because of the richness of vineyards and commerce, the strategic importance and the beauty of the place, Neive "alta" was always chosen as the residence of the landed nobility and of the rich bourgeoisie, endowing itself with splendid palaces and acquiring the nickname of "pais di sgnuret" ("country of the lords"). The richness of Neive is partly due to the flourishing trade of beef cattle, but most of all to the activities connected to vine and enogastronomical tourism. Neive is in fact the land of the four wines - Barbaresco, Barbera, Moscato and Dolcetto - as well as being the home of some of the best viticulturists and wine producers of the Langhe. The wines produced here are climbing the international rankings and are present in the tables of the most renowned restaurants. This is the land, just to make some examples, of Bruno Giacosa's wineries, who conquered the affection and the palate of writer Mario Soldati. Or of the legendary and eccentric Romano Levi, whose grappa, also thanks to the beautiful labels painted by Levi himself, has become a real collector's item.

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