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Porto Rotondo

  • 07026 Porto Rotondo OT, Italia
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An almost circular natural inlet, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, was the chosen location for Porto Rotondo, already baptized by the locals "Poltu Ridundu". A geographical space that was well suited to be equipped to become a tourist port around which to develop a seaside village. It was the Venetian Counts Nicolò and Luigi Donà dalle Rose who committed themselves in 1964 to create the port and the village. Almost everything was built spontaneously, following the inspiration and the creativity of the moment, looking at quality. The idea of the two brothers was that PortoRotondo could become a ''milieu'' of artists and intellectuals, and the first to respond to the invitation were the sculptors Andrea Cascella and Giancarlo Sangregorio. The first one created the meeting point of the holidaymakers: Piazzetta San Marco. The second created the small square of the fishermen's dock "Vecchia Darsena". Twenty-eight master stonemasons from Gallura worked the granite which was used by Andrea Cascella to give shape to the square, the staircase, the facade of the Church of San Lorenzo, its megalithic cross and the altar. Today PortoRotondo represents one of the most important realities of Mediterranean tourism that during the summer season welcomes about 20 thousand guests with peaks of 30 thousand in August. The picturesque beaches are the crown to the district and its marina that offers a safe harbor to over 650 boats of all sizes. The territory is articulated on three "tips": Punta Nuraghe, Punta Volpe, Punta Lada and welcomes half-hidden by the lush Mediterranean vegetation apartments, residences and prestigious villas of important personalities of culture, fashion, business and politics. The proximity to Olbia, just 15 km away, with its port and international airport has further encouraged its development.

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