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Porto Cervo

  • 07021 Porto Cervo OT, Italia
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Renowned resort is built around the deep natural harbor, whose shape resembles that of a deer and dominates the headlands on the sea, the curve of the harbor and the scattered villas, surrounded by greenery. The center is built on a raised floor compared to the port, with its famous square, stores, boutiques, while all around the restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and villas climb up the surrounding hills. The Porto Vecchio dates back to the sixties, when Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, fascinated by the beauty of this stretch of coast, decided to buy the poor and uncultivable lands of this corner of Gallura and together with the Swiss-French designer Jacques Couelle, later joined by the architect Luigi Vietti and later, but only in part, by the architect Michele Busiri Vici, to give life to the paradise of international elite tourism that we know today. In 1967 the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda was founded. In the eighties, work began on the construction of the new port, much larger and better equipped. n the moment of its design, the prince and his collaborators thought they could create an architecture that maintained as much as possible the continuity with the typical Gallura architecture, poor and rudimentary in appearance but discreetly inserted in the surrounding environment and this was the key to success. This type of architecture spread throughout the northeastern coast and is still current and imitated today. The new port of Porto Cervo is one of the best equipped in the Mediterranean, it has a capacity of 700 seats and walking on the quays you can admire the most beautiful boats, yachts and yachts owned by rich celebrities. In the center of Porto Cervo the promenade, the Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere and the Sottopiazza is a set of narrow streets, multicolored windows and balconies built in the typical style of the Costa Smeralda. The outskirts instead hosts the most fashionable nightclubs and the most prestigious restaurants, the true center of the nightlife of the coast.

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