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Baccalà alla Perticatora

  • Vallo di Diano, 84036 Sala Consilina SA, Italia
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A typical low-fat dish, it represents one of the most traditional preparations of baccalà which, together with salted anchovies, represented the main fish resource not only of the inland areas, but also of the city of Naples and of the coast in general, especially of the less wealthy classes. The preparation is based on baccalà (salted and dried cod) seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and dried sweet peppers (cruschi). Ingredients: baccalà previously "sponzato" (skinned and soaked in water, with several changes to remove excess salt); garlic (optional); dried sweet peppers type "cornetto" or "sciscillone" processing: the baccalà is washed in abundant water to remove residues of "sponzatura", then boiled in unsalted water. The dried peppers, of the "Sciscillone" type, are then fried in abundant extra-virgin olive oil; the frying of dried peppers is a very delicate phase and therefore it must be done in a very short time, checking the temperature of the oil. The peppers are removed and the boiled codfish is placed in the cooking oil. Pour the hot peppers directly onto the baccalà still hot, adding freshly chopped parsley (optional).

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