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Pecorino of Filiano DOP

  • 85020 Filiano PZ, Italia
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Pecorino di Filiano DOP is a typical cheese of Basilicata produced in a wide Apennine area of Basilicata, from Mount Vulture, through Mount Li Fay, up to the Montagna Grande of Muro Lucano.cylindrical shape with a total weight between 2.5 and 5 kg, pecorino di Filiano DOP is a hard and semi-cooked cheese obtained with whole and raw sheep milk. The processing of sheep and goat's milk takes place in natural caves or in artificial underground rooms widespread in the production area, which give to pecorino di Filiano characteristics of great value. Pecorino di Filiano DOP is a typical local product that is produced all year round. It is said that its name refers to the ancient activity of spinning wool developed in the area of production of the cheese. Its taste is sweet and delicate when it is semi-fresh while when it reaches the period of maturation it is spicy and salty. Pecorino di Filiano DOP is a cheese that can be enjoyed fresh or grated. In December 2007, pecorino di Filiano obtained the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

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