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Toy Museum

  • Via Suor Orsola, 10, 80135 Napoli, Italia
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Arte, Teatri e Musei
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The Toy Museum of Naples is housed in the setting of the University "Suor Orsola Benincasa", one of the main Centers of Study and Research that by tradition and conscious choice has formed and continues to form generations of children. Within this institution, with the collaboration of those who for years have dedicated themselves to intelligently and scrupulously collecting one of the finest collections of antique toys in Italy, Dr. Vincenzo Capuano, Professor of the History of Toys at the Faculty of Education Sciences, lives as the place of a playful memory, with the sure aim of offering a broad and as accurate as possible overview of the world of toys, from the oldest forms of the Roman era to those of the second half of the twentieth century. The Toy Museum of Naples is a museum dedicated to the memory of Ernst Lossa, the gypsy child killed in 1944, at the age of fourteen, by the ferocious Nazi campaign of eugenics, after a year and a half of detention in a psychiatric hospital. The work has been realized with the contribution of the Regione Campania (L.r. n. 13/2004 "Promozione e valorizzazione delle Università della Campania").

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