Positano, a piece of paradise on earth

  • Positano SA, Italia
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One of the main features of Positano è consists of the myriad of narrow streets and alleys, which intersect through the small town, creating a labyrinthine and evocative pathway that runs vertically. The best season to visit è undoubtedly summer, but also in spring and autumn the village shows off all its charm. The center of the Borgo gathers around Piazza Flavio Gioia with the 13th-century church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta on which the majolica-tiled dome stands out. Here, too, è you can admire contemporary mosaic and colorful sculptures of great visual impact, the work of Mimmo Paladino. Positano è is also famous for fashion, which is why along the maze of narrow streets è it is easy to come across many boutiques and tailor shops selling the original creations of Positano's Moda Mare line: dresses, kaftans, cover-ups, pareos adorned with stones, with typical coral, turquoise and pearls. Their colors and fabrics liven up the whole village! It is not è a coincidence noré a gamble in fact that, earlier, we used the adjective colorful to characterize Positano. Likewise, there are numerous Art Galleries, displaying a rich repertoire of contemporary artworks. It is also possible to take a nice walk along Via Fornillo, the narrow, scenic road that runs along the coast and leads to a small bay where experienced swimmers can indulge in a nice solo dip. L asera instead è impossible not to enjoy the little beach with its heavenly view of the entire illuminated village. A real crib. A fairy-tale place. Then finish the evening with a typical and tasty fruit granita in one of the many local bars with a terrace with an unforgettable candlelight dinner overlooking the sea with fresh fish. Perhaps enjoying the famous pezzogne all'acqua pazza, one of the typical local dishes.

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