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Pond of San Benedetto

  • Contrada, Via Lucidi, 00020 Subiaco RM, Italy
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Natura incontaminata
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The small lake of San Benedetto is a small widening of the river Aniene that originates in Subiaco, in a narrow and deep gorge a few kilometers from the town. Characterized by the thunderous natural waterfall, the pond is located near the ruins of the Villa of Nero and the Monastery of Santa Scolastica. The pond is a small natural work of art immersed in the uncontaminated nature, it is one of the most beautiful and suggestive places of the Simbruini Mountains, a destination for those looking for refreshment and adventure; a place absolutely to see! During the day it takes different colors depending on the sun rays that filter through the branches of the grove creating a play of light on the small mirror of water, enclosed by a high amphitheater of limestone rocks, which is located downstream of the famous Benedictine Monastery from which it takes its name and although it can be reached with a short and pleasant walk, it has all the features of a real secret paradise, away from everything and everyone. It is the only one left of the "Simbruina Stagna" one of the three lakes that Emperor Nero had built in the first century to create dams on the river Aniene and around which was articulated his majestic Villa, of which some traces are still visible. Moreover, it is the scene of the miracle of the sickle of St. Benedict and the miracle of St. Maurus.

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