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71022 Ascoli Satriano FG, Italia

Elena Coppola


the Griffins of Ascoli Satriano, marvelous polychrome marbles dated 325-300 B.C. that adorned a Daunian tomb, together with a large basin that still shows painted Nereids, wrapped in violet cloaks, bearing Achilles on sea horses the gift of his mother Thetis, an impenetrable suit of armor. Southwest of Foggia, Ascoli Satriano was a pre-Roman center; here Pyrrhus had his proverbially ephemeral victory. Of the Daunian period it offers several testimonies, including the recently excavated archaeological park in the Faragola area. The Griffins, then. This is a Trapezophoros, a beam support adorned with a pair of griffins mauling a fawn,