Top 5 Camping Places in Canada (Part 1)

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Nature lovers love camping amidst the wilderness of nature. So, for instance, which place will be the best for camping? Here is the answer: Canada offers one of the best camping experiences in the world. 

Canada’s greenery and picturesque parks will be your ultimate travel spots when you need a rejuvenating and refreshing ambience. Also, Canada offers wide ranges of rugged mountains and outstanding coastal lines for camping. 

Here we have listed some overwhelming camping destinations in Canada that will blow your mind.

Pacific Rim National Park

Being part of British Columbia, Pacific Rim National Park is one of Canada’s best camping experiences. Yearly approx 6000,000 people visit this place to explore its spectacular scenic view, rainforests, and laid-back beaches. Here, you will have 113 options to choose the right one for your camping across the shoreline of Long Beach. Also, the West Coast Trail will take you to another high of experience.

It would be best to have significant activities in this Park. Especially if you are an outdoorsy traveller, you will enjoy the adventures. Also, if you wish to witness a grey whale, you must head to Amphitrite Lighthouse in Ucluelet town.

This Pacific Rim National Park offers year-round surfing, beautiful cascade views, soaking sunshine on the white beaches, and deep valleys with pristine forestry. You can take your dog here as this place has a leash for pets. And most importantly, you should take advantage of the seafood of Pacific Trim.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Your next move should head to the Waterton Lakes National Park. Lying in Alberta, this Park boasts its beautiful surrounding. Also, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its solitude and peaceful ambience. Even the scheduled camping spots offer exciting outdoor activities, such as; horse riding, golfing, and hiking.

Despite the massive number of travellers, this Park is full of serenity and mesmerizing places to discover. So, if you want to experience the vibe, you can set up your tent for two days. In addition, you can have a rented motorbike to explore the surrounding places of this Waterton Lakes Park in the daytime. Besides this, this place has something magical to offer its nature lovers: Cameron lake and the Carthew-Alderson Trail. Moreover, this Park has fun things to do, like; biking and climbing.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a fantastic place for summer vacation with families and close ones. It lies across Nova Scotia and spreads a flavour of a boozy climate and magical scenery. Here, you can spend your maritime in this Park for a long time. When you are here, you should visit Corney Brook Campground, the most travelled spot in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

While camping, you will explore an arduous land, windswept beaches, and smoking hills. Also, if you love to spend time amidst the open nature, this camping experience under the starry sky will be your lifetime memory.

This Cape Breton Park is the best summer camping destination from late April. Even you book your spot in advance one year. Here, you can go fishing, bird watching, and swimming. Additionally, plenty of sharp ridges, mountain cliffs, and deep canyons will be the added things to do.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is enriched with lush forests, wildlife, stunning lakes, and rocky mountain. It is one of the best camping destinations you can explore all year round. Also, it is the right place to come with families if you love wild nature and awe-inspiring expansive landscapes. Even its magnificent scenic display makes this Park a fascinating camping spot in Canada. 

Some significant camping spots are:

  • Downtown Jasper, 
  • Maligne Canyon, 
  • Athabasca Glacier,          
  • Patricia Lake, 
  • Sunwapta Falls, 
  • Maligne Lake, 
  • Athabasca Falls
  • Jasper Planetarium,
  • Glacier Skywalk
  • Jasper SkyTram
  • Whistlers Mountain 

Additionally, this hotspot for tourists attracts flocks with plenty of suitable accommodations. Overall, it is a lovely place to visit with families.

Fundy National Park

Fundy National park is the address of the world’s largest tides. This camping-fix park attracts millions of tourists towards its gigantic view, wilderness, stunning beryl sea water, caves, rocky cliffs, and wildlife. You can explore this breathtaking national Park on the eastern side of Canada. Also, its arduous scenic landscape and aesthetic environment are all set to camping for all-year-round under the open sky.  

This place will give a backcountry feel of serenity. Here, the best point for camping is the Point Wolfe campground. In this place, you can sleep in the lap of nature, tucking your camp along the riverside amidst the amazing scenery. 

You can also set up your tent on the coastal side of Herring Cove. Here, you can access all beaches and enjoy outdoor adventures. 

It will be an awe-inspiring experience for you while you are all set to camp under the starry clear sky. The abundant beauty and wild landscape will make you stunned. Also, you will feel a connection to nature.

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