Top 5 Places to Visit in Egypt (Part 1)

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Egypt is often regarded as the world’s oldest tourist destination due to its rich history dating back to the earliest days of human civilization. Visitors to this African country have been mesmerized for millennia by its incredible ancient monuments, like its temples and pyramids.

Even while most visitors come to Egypt to see the country’s historical sites, the country’s natural wonders are also a big draw. So here are the top 5 must-visit places in Egypt.

1: Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city and main port on the Mediterranean, is a strategic site. The city was established in 331 BC by Alexander the Great and was once known as a major hub for trade and travel. Alexandria served as the seat of government for many Egyptian pharaohs, including Cleopatra, until Rome’s conquest of Egypt in 30 BC. The city became known as a cultural mecca when the Romans were in control. Alexandria’s Roman Theater, with its beautiful mosaic pavement and marble benches, is a relic of Roman rule.

These days, Alexandria is a dirty coastal metropolis with an inflated population of 5 million and a dire need for a fresh coat of paint. Although it is a shadow of its former great cosmopolitan self, numerous cultural attractions and remnants of its history make a visit here worthwhile.

In the 14th century, terrible earthquakes destroyed most of old Alexandria, including a library with more than 500,000 volumes. The Library of Alexandria’s current location is close to the 2002 completed replacement library.

The Alexandria National Museum displays artifacts from Alexandria’s extensive past. The museum’s collection of over 1,800 objects spans history from the Greco-Roman through the Coptic and Islamic periods.

The tall Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the ancient world’s Seven Wonders, was the city’s most recognizable landmark in antiquity. An earthquake swept the old city, including the lighthouse, into the water. Huge stones and sculptures have been discovered by scuba divers and may still be seen on the ocean bottom.

2: The Great Pyramids of Giza

One of the most well-known sights in the world is the final of the ancient world’s Seven Wonders: the Pyramids of Giza.

The mysterious Sphinx stands watch over the tombs of the Pharaohs Cheops (Khufu), Chephren (Khafre), and Mycerinus (Menkaure), which have long been among Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations and a major draw for visitors.

These megalithic tombs for ancient Egyptian pharaohs continue to be awe-inspiring sights on the outskirts of Cairo’s metropolitan sprawl.

3: The Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis, which lies close to Egypt’s western border, became culturally integrated with the rest of the nation in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The Siwan people, who lived on the coast of the Egyptian Sand Sea, created their own culture and language, Siwi, a Berber variety.

Even hundreds of years ago, the little town was not completely cut off from the rest of the world. The oasis gained religious significance with the construction of the Temple of the Oracle of Amun, which dates back to the sixth or seventh century B.C. The most well-known seeker of the oracle’s counsel was Alexander the Great.

Siwa Oasis is becoming more and more well-known among tourists these days. Visitors to Siwa may swim in one of the city’s numerous natural springs, take a leisurely walk amid acres of palm trees, or learn about the city’s Greco-Roman and old mud-built fortifications. There are several springs with bubbling water. Cleopatra’s Bath, a natural stone pool, is among the most visited. 

4: Aswan

Aswan, nestled among the Nile’s swooping bends, is Egypt’s quietest major city. Set against a backdrop of orange dunes, this is the ideal spot to relax for a few days.

Travel across the river to Elephantine Island and explore the vibrant alleys of the nearby Nubian towns on foot. Then take a camel ride to the east bank of Aswan, where you’ll find the desert monastery of St. Simeon. Afterward, unwind on one of the river boats while dining and watching the feluccas with their distinctive lateen sails.

Sunset is the perfect time to get aboard a felucca and cruise around Aswan’s island. Taking a cruise down the Nile is the most common thing in Aswan since it is the most peaceful way to see the attractions.

One of the most popular things to do in Aswan is to sit back and watch the river life go by, even though there are many historical buildings and temples in the area, including Philae Temple on its island.

5: Saqqara

Everyone is familiar with the Pyramids of Giza, but only some of Egypt has to offer in terms of pyramids. Saqqara, a large necropolis of tombs and pyramids, lay within a day’s travel of Cairo and was used by the Egyptians throughout the history of the pharaohs.

Its Old Kingdom Step Pyramid symbolizes Ancient Egyptian technical progress toward completing the simple pyramid form.

However, there is much more to see in Egypt than just the Step Pyramid; for example, the Mastaba of Ti, located nearby, has some of the country’s greatest tomb paintings.

The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, located at the nearby pyramid site of Dahshur, are essential parts of any trip to Saqqara.

Of course, you’ve always wanted to visit Egypt. Egypt is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and a very mysterious and archaic place. With its 5,000-year history and two of the world’s seven ancient wonders, Egypt evokes the mystery and allure of a bygone period of exploration. Once overrun by visitors, Egypt’s top attractions are now more or less deserted, making them ideal for the more adventurous traveler. Lastly, read more about travel around the world here.

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