Top 5 things to Do in New Zealand ( part 2)

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New Zealand is a paradise that offers a dramatic scene embraced with middle earth landscape, wonderful chutes, cerulean sea water, a nature reserve, a natural thermal pool and geysers, savage wildlife, white sandy beaches, and sparkling glaciers.

You will witness a beautiful and fascinating story when you do New Zealand’s top things. It is indeed tough to decide the right one for exploration. So, for this, we are here with a list of the top five things you should do while in NZ.

Kayak around Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Clove of New Zealand is locally known as Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve. It rumbles as one of the most beautiful places in NZ to visit, lying on the North Island. Also, the isolated geographical form over the Coromandel Peninsula dramatically appeals to its landscape.

It is the only way to hit this secluded gulf. The only that you can do is walk or drive to the sea.

You can go for a historical exploration with local guided boat tours through caverns and rock faces. Also, kayaking will give you an intimate flavor with the option of “parking up” and strolling around your favorite beach sides. 

Immerse Yourself in Māori Culture

It is so relaxing to get acquainted with the aboriginal culture of New Zealand. When you spend a night in Marae, where Maori meetings take place, you will witness the indigenous sight of NZ. Along with this experience, you will learn about Powhiri, which tells the story of Maori traditional culture.

Whichever way you want to discover New Zealand from your perspective, you will begin to respect the land and its people more and more.

Still, we suggest you visit Rotorua, which offers the raw and authentic Maori culture in Tamaki Maori Village. Also, here you can enjoy the traditional event Haka with hangi, which is a locally cooked meat under the ground-making mud oven. Eventually, this whole experience will gift you a bunch of memorable moments.

Set Sail in the Bay of Islands

The best thing about New Zealand is its accessibility to every laid-back beach. There is no reservation to enter the best beaches. Anyone can enjoy the picturesque view of watery lands, from rich to ordinary people.

The lush nature of the Bay of Island is more like a wealthy citadel of sun-soaked beaches, secluded deserts, isolated islands, and separated inlets accessible to everyone. Moreover, this North island region conceals some of the country’scountry’s best scenic beauties and new sites.

Also, if you want to immerse in the entire dramatic landscape, it would be better for you to hire a boat for kayaking. This paradise will give you an intimate heavenly feeling when you boat to Piercy Island to explore its “Hole in the Rock.” At that time, witnessing the magical marine life, dolphins, penguins, seals, and whales will be an amazing experience. 

Boogie Board Down Sand Dunes at 90-Mile Beach

If you want an adventurous treat wrapped with an aesthetic backdrop for your young heart, come to 90-Mile Beach. Though you can find only 55 out of them to explore, its white sandy beach line is still awaiting you to surprise you on the northern side of New Zealand. 

An extensive dune is great for the outdoor sport, boogie Board Down. It is a popular surfing activity that makes your heart pump out more fresh oxygen and sings a breezy song with a delightful tinge.

But one thing you must keep eyeing is an unexpected crowd on the beaches because these beaches act as official highways.

Meanwhile, if your heart wants a walk down the scenic route, it will be best to hand over the steering to the local guide and enjoy the short trip. Still, if you are enough confidence in your driving skills, you can rent a car from local rental shops. But they will not be responsible if any worst happens.

Climb a Volcanic Island

Rangitoto Island is an epic trail, New Zealand’s youngest volcanic eruption since 600 years from a sea. This nature reserve has no sign of inhabitants but is a safe place for birds. They migrate from native places and thrive here.

A local ferry service will drop you here to experience different walks around this volcanic trail. So, the most famous summit track will be your first climbing experience. Its erected short trek will amaze you with its 360-degree views over all the surrounding islands.

Another way to grab the taste of Rangitoto is to go for an evening kayaking tour. A local guide will take you to that summit spot where you can witness the mesmerizing scene of the sun setting. After that, they will paddle back the boat to the Waitemata harbor under the starry clear sky.

However, these collected five have more surprises and fascinating scenes out of so many things to do in New Zealand. Also, you can’t place these places on your list, as they are the true signature of the pure beauty of nature. So, it is high time to plan and pack your bag to fly to New Zealand. Lastly, read more about travel around the world here.

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