Top 5 Things to Do in New Zealand ( Part 1)

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New Zealand is impossible to explain in a few words because this nation offers many outstanding and dramatic scenes. This Country indulges our craving for exploration, imagination, and spilling mystery. 

Also, a country with many outdoor sporting activities and adventure is amazing to discover. Even more, hiking on a glacier, diving into the thermal pool, taking a boat ride through caverns full of glow worms, and entering the dreamy land of Hobbiton will give you a fascinating landscape.

Here are the top five things on our list for you:

Tongariro Crossing to Enjoy “Go Bush”

Go Bush is one of the Country’s best walk avenues lying at the crossing of Tongariro Crossing on the North Island. The best part of this popular walk is its outdoor stuff, like hiking, camping, and tramping across the northern hemisphere. 

Here, you need to find a shred of shrubs to pitch your tent or walk for a few days. It will give you a glimpse of survival time without showers and other homely comforts.

You will find something special that will trigger your traveling zeal and make you liberate to overlook technological advancements closer to mother nature. Moreover, this Country is renowned for its cleanliness, greeneries, and panoramic view.

Popular hiking routes: Heaphy Track, Routeburn Track, Milford Track, and Queen Charlotte Track.

Visit Wellington, The Capital

New Zealand offers a charming ambiance with an innovative spirit. Even you will be surprised to see the government also doing things differently. They administrate the Country from an architecturally beautiful establishment. But this is more than just the attraction of Wellington’s capital city. 

Your New Zealand will remain incomplete if you do not visit Te Papa. The national museum has a great assortment of travel and other exhibits. Also, the view of the building is breathtaking as it lies on the picturesque waterfront of New Zealand.

Here lots of things you will find to admire, such as; Maori culture, traditional meeting points, massive squid, and many other things. Even you will feel frequent earthquakes due to their position on the abuzz geological line called the Ring of Fire. But, people here don’t feel the rumble of earthquakes as the fault line is deep down in the ground. After exploring Te Papa, you can head to Downtown Cube Street for eclectic cafes and shops.

Wine and Dine in the Countryside

Interestingly, you can count more sheep than locals. Even you can find a large number of cow pasturages. Besides this, arrays of dairy firms will steal your attention. So, it is not a matter of surprise that you can consume meat and ice cream in extensive amounts.

Pair up a glass of New Zealand’s world-class wine to digest all rich foods. Here, you can explore a wonderful sight of viticulture and vineyards, especially cultivating Sauvignon Blanc, a special type of white grape. After wandering around these wineries, you should head to Melbourne for another wine tour.

All in One Day

Almost all cities of New Zealand are on the shoreline. Also, those are off to the coast; you need more than one hour to drive to reach them. One of them in New Zealand is Hamilton city, where you can cherish all types of outdoor flavors of the Country within a single day.

Hamilton lying on North Island needs a one-hour drive from Auckland. So, you can set your weekend itinerary with action-packed activities that will drive you crazy. Here, you must visit Raglan, the most adventurous and thrill-filled spot offering the surfing experience. This Raglan boasts the beauty of the world’s most majestic left-hand shatter. The Second is Mount Maunganui. It is a beach destination where you can explore live music concerts and sporting events. 

The third one is Taupo, for bungee jumping, jet boating, and sky diving. Aside from this, there are two spots for skiing: Whakapapa and Turoa ski fields.

Explore Auckland, The “City of Sails”

Auckland is not New Zealand’s capital but the most culturally and scenically diverse city. It lies across the volcanic plate encapsulated by the Waitemata Harbours and Manukau. That’s why another name for Auckland is the City of Sails.

If you are a cultured person, you will love the vibe of Auckland, including international live musical performances, artworks at galleries, retail markets, and varieties of entertainment. On the flip side, if you are a thriller seeker, you must try bungee jumping from the Sky Tower. This tower is located in the Southern Hemisphere with a free-standing architectural design.

The most crowning part of Auckland is its world-known tourism services and civilized urban life. Also, you can make a hideaway from the hustle-bustle of the city by driving, biking, and even walking distance to the nearest beautiful beaches. Moreover, coastal strolling, mountain terrains, and native shrubs will add sweet memories to your New Zealand trip.

New Zealand is an incredible place to explore, experience, and create fresh memories. This Country is worth inspiring gringos to visit this island. Our suggestions will help you travel to New Zealand and have unforgettable moments. Lastly, read more about travel around the world here.

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